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Zoom Whitening - $450





In Brooklyn, a dazzling smile is a top priority for many people, especially if you’re in — or trying to break into — the entertainment business. To get an edge over the competition, trust your cosmetic dentist at a dental spa to bring you Zoom teeth whitening and a great follow-up plan to keep that winning smile. Zoom whitening cost is immeasurable when it helps you land that big gig.



Nearly everyone wants that movie star smile. When you bear those pearly whites and turn heads, you know you’ve made it. So many gimmicks promise this, but none of those over-the-counter whitening products can truly deliver. All of the whitening tooth pastes in the world can’t do for you what one session of Zoom teeth whitening can.

Your family dental spa believes you deserve the whitest teeth possible. That 1,000-watt smile can become a reality when you come in for a session of Zoom teeth whitening. One of the most popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, is elevated to new heights. The team at Envy Smile Dental Spa provides you with the best in cosmetic dentistry, as well as oral health from dental care experts in orthodontics, family dentistry, endodontics and more.

Too Good, But Still True

Teeth whitening is nothing new within the common discourse. With countless products marketed toward giving you that brighter smile, it can be hard to know what works. Your trusted cosmetic dentist is an authority on all cosmetic dentistry. And Zoom whitening is often recommended.

Zoom teeth whitening is a patented procedure that uses its own special hydrogen peroxide gel and light to get the job done. Effects of daily wear to your teeth are gone in one session. This whitening product truly seems too good to be true. But as with everything at your favorite dental spa, it’s based on proven results.

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